BroD Ruby

Winner - Fermented Foods in the 2019 Healthy Food Guide Awards.

When The Kvas Company first brought our kvas to the people of New Zealand we were surprised by how many people asked us about beetroot kvas. Indeed, the benefits of beetroot kvas are legendary. The Slavic peoples have believed for centuries that beetroot kvas can be used to treat liver diseases, and modern research has shown the effectiveness of beetroot for inflammation, gallbladder and blood conditions, and even cancer. Beetroot is packed full of beneficial vitamins and minerals and boosts the immune system.

We set out to see if we could combine the benefits of beetroot kvas with the refreshing drinkability of rye kvas, and after months of formulating and testing we think we’ve done it.

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve made our beetroot kvas even better with turmeric and ginger. Turmeric’s benefits are almost too many to mention – anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, it is believed to have cancer preventing and heart health promoting properties. Ginger is another incredibly beneficial plant, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and blood sugar, and improve heart risk factors.

Brod Ruby® brings these superfoods together in a beautifully balanced, highly drinkable, luscious red brew. Our lowest sugar variety – under 2% - it is a deliciously refreshing, life-boosting probiotic brew that is outstanding on its own or with food. 

·     Nothing artificial

·     No sweeteners

·     No GMO

·     No caffeine

·     No lactose

·     No preservatives

·     BPA free

·     Organic

·     Vegan

·     Naturally fermented

·     Billions of live probiotics per bottle

·     Naturally sparkling


It’s alive, so keep it in the fridge!