Brod rose

Brod® Original Kvas is an innovative range combining the natural refreshment of traditionally brewed kvas with original, non-traditional ingredients. Brod® Rosé is made with rosebuds and cardamom pods, giving it an elegant pink tone for a rejuvenating blend of invigorating kvas flavour with an elegant counterpoint of aromatic rose and cardamom.

Caffeine free.

All Brod® Kvas varieties are raw, live products and should be refrigerated.

·     Nothing artificial

·     No sweeteners

·     No GMO

·     No caffeine

·     No lactose

·     No preservatives

·     BPA free

·     Organic

·     Vegan

·     Naturally fermented

·     Billions of live probiotics per bottle

·     Naturally sparkling


It’s alive, so keep it in the fridge!