BroD GReen - hemp and manuka kvas

Thanks to legislative changes in late 2018, Kiwis are now able to enjoy hemp food products.

We met hemp growers Beefy Green at Christchurch Farmers Market. They showed us their sustainably farmed, Canterbury-grown hemp and we were inspired! We’d been looking for something to combine with manuka to make a truly unique local kvas variety and thought this might be the ticket. 

We won’t lie about the months we spent trialling recipes: hemp and manuka turned out to be a magic combination. Even the first batch we did tasted amazing. By adding fennel seed, we brought out the flavours and created the perfect result – low sugar, easy-drinking, gut boosting and refreshing.

So here it is: Brod Green Hemp and Manuka Kvas, a unique product of the Canterbury terroir. 

Brod Green is living, naturally fermented kvas with billions of healthy bacteria per bottle. Studies show that hemp can boost digestive health, reduce stress and fortify your immune system. Manuka is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and skin health benefits, while flavonoid-rich fennel seed has been shown to prevent indigestion and improve brain function. 

·     Nothing artificial

·     No sweeteners

·     No GMO

·     No caffeine

·     No lactose

·     No preservatives

·     BPA free

·     Organic

·     Vegan

·     Naturally fermented

·     Billions of live probiotics per bottle

·     Naturally sparkling


It’s alive, so keep it in the fridge!